FIDO U2F Enablement Quick Start Kit

FIDO Enables Simple Strong Authentication

If you heard about FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) and wondering how to get started, you will love this FIDO U2F Enablement Quick Start Kit, especially if you are looking to minimize your user authentication costs from employees to mass consumer bases.

SurePassID is proud to offer the FIDO U2F Enablement Quick Start Kit for companies who want to offer their customers or employees simple and strong account login security with a “bring your own security” approach where users would obtain a FIDO token from their employer or from any vendor on Amazon or use the FIDO token they may already have.

The FIDO U2F Enablement Quick Start Kit contains everything you need to FIDO-enable your websites and mobile apps with a set of API’s that perform the following functions:

  • FIDO U2F Token Registration with optional Fido pre-registration using other SurePassID 2FA authentication methods such as SMS, email, Mobile OTP, etc.
  • FIDO U2F Token Activation
  • Request Temporary Token (for lost or stolen FIDO tokens)
  • FIDO U2F Login
  • Additional advanced functions for Managed Service Providers are also available

There are two FIDO U2F Enablement kit sizes for 5 or 10 users designed for piloting FIDO security. Each kit includes 5 or 10 TapID™ Treo 3-in-1 FIDO Security Keys. Each TapID™ Treo contains the following authentication functions:

  • FIDO U2F key via USB – for laptops, desktops and other computers with a USB port.
  • FIDO U2F key via NFC (contactless) – for Android and other NFC-enabled devices. Just Tap ‘n Go.
  • OATH OTP (One-Time Passcode) – Event-based 6-digit OATH HOTP via USB for VPN and other logins that support/require OTP for two-factor authentication.

FIDO Enablement Steps

SurePassID makes it easy to get started with FIDO:

  1. Get the FIDO U2F Enablement Quick Start Kit. Optionally, schedule a free SurePassID FIDO Quick Start Online Walkthrough with a SurePassID technical specialist
  2. Build and test the SurePassID FIDO U2F sample code
  3. Integrate the basic API’s into your web pages and/or mobile apps for account logins
  4. Enroll users with FIDO U2F keys (or invite consumers to get a FIDO key from Amazon)
  5. Start logging in with FIDO authentication

SurePassID provides a Quick Start Online Walkthrough webinar for your administrator(s) to get familiar with the API functions and sample code. The FIDO Quick Start Kit includes a free SurePassID Cloud Authentication sandbox account for pilot testing.

Once you are satisfied with the functionality, you can simply upgrade your free sandbox account to a Production account where you have a choice of authentication server options:

  • We host it on Microsoft Cloud/Azure
  • You host it on your own cloud account (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • You install it on your own servers

FIDO U2F Quick Start Kit Pricing

SurePassID FIDO Quick Start Kits
SurePassID FIDO U2F Quick Start Kit – 5 Users   $99

  • Ready-to-go Web and Mobile Templates for FIDO U2F/OATH MFA
  • Free Cloud Auth Server Account for 5 Users (Perpetual Licenses)
  • Five (5) Free TapID™ Treo 3-in-1 FIDO U2F Security Keys (A $150 value)

SurePassID FIDO Quick Start Kit – 10 Users   $179

  • Ready-to-go Web and Mobile Templates for FIDO U2F/OATH MFA
  • Free Cloud Auth Server Account for 10 Users (Perpetual Licenses)
  • Ten (10) Free TapID™ Treo 3-in-1 FIDO U2F Security Keys (A $300 value)


If you need to add more users for deployment, choose the pricing plan that is right for you.


SurePass TapID Treo 3-in-1 Microfob FIDO+OATH USB-NFC

TapID™ Treo 3-in-1 FIDO U2F Security Key: USB for your computer, TapID contactless (NFC) for your Android phone.

If you want to keep your free sandbox account, you can keep the account and use it indefinitely for up to 10 users. These are forever licenses even if you upgrade to an Essential or Enterprise plan.

Sign up for a FIDO U2F Enablement Quickstart Kit

today and upgrade your security level to keep hackers out of your employees’ and customers’ accounts with simple strong authentication.

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