FIDO Alliance Welcomes Mozilla

FireFox Now Supports The FIDO Security Standard

FireFox is the next browser (after Chrome) to adopt the FIDO Alliance standard to enable strong authentication using a FIDO key of any type. What does this mean?

If you haven’t heard about FIDO authentication (Fast IDentity Online) and the FIDO Alliance (dot org), I’ll spare you the sarcasm and just say “don’t leave your identity security technology in the past”. Take FIDO authentication for a test drive and visit our FIDO Server page to learn about our certified FIDO server platform, how to eliminate passwords, new biometric wearables and the latest mobile authentication technology.

FIDO authentication capability is native to the Chrome browser (no add-ons required, thank you Google) which means you can deploy FIDO authentication for web apps using the Chrome browser. Mozilla saw the light and joined the FIDO Alliance and made their FireFox browser FIDO ready via a FIDO U2F plug-in. That move added to the FIDO momentum with the hope that all other browsers will follow, making FIDO authentication widely deployable on any web site.

Let Us Help You FIDO-enable Your Web and Mobile apps

We provide API’s and a certified FIDO Authentication server or cloud service to FIDO-enable web apps, mobile apps and legacy enterprise apps to take advantage of the latest in strong identity security technology.

Still, what does this all mean? It means we can create an environment where a person can use the same FIDO key as a second factor on any website or mobile app that is FIDO-enabled. Passwords become less important with a second factor so you don’t have to worry about changing them or making them difficult. The fact is username and password are both the same factor – what you know – and are typically stolen/breached together. However, with FIDO U2F, even if the fraudsters have your username and password, they can’t gain access to your account without your second factor FIDO key.

In order for this evolution to accelerate, all the world’s browsers, or at least the most popular browsers, need to be FIDO-enabled, whether it is a browser add-on or built-in natively. Now Mozilla joins the FIDO evolution and expands the identity security horizons for those who want stronger account and transaction security for their company, customers and employees.

Unify Account Logins and Eliminate Passwords

Another cool thing about the FIDO model – it’s a “bring your own security” model. This means that web sites and mobile app service providers can offer strong authentication without having to provide keyfobs or other devices to its customers since FIDO Keys are now available on Amazon (another FIDO Alliance founding member). There are a variety of devices available to suit your needs, including soft Virtual FIDO Keys for Mobile phones. Once a company is FIDO-enabled, it can promote strong security to its customers and direct them to get a FIDO Key on Amazon then register it with their account as a convenient second factor.

Get a free SurePassID Cloud Sandbox account to try FIDO authentication and see for yourself how it works, why it’s great and how simple and inexpensive it is to deploy. You’ll get everything you need to deploy FIDO to your website, mobile apps, enterprise apps, VPN, wi-fi and all other channels you need to secure. And now you can use FireFox in addition to Chrome for web apps. Spread the word.