MFA to Prevent Ransomware and Cyber Attacks

Prevent 99.9% of ransomware and cyber attacks with SurePassID Universal MFA.

Prevent 99.9% of Ransomware and Cyber Attacks with MFA

SurePassID Universal MFA prevents 99.9% of ransomware and cyber attacks. But don’t take our word for it:

Do any of the following describe your organization?

No MFA solution

MFA solution that’s obsolete or inadequate

Multiple MFA solutions that add costs and complexity

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we need to talk…

For organizations without MFA, SurePassID is the fastest, most cost-effective solution to securing their on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. Our highly extensible, highly secure Universal MFA platform is a favorite for ransomware remediation – although we prefer to enable Trusted Access or regulatory compliance and prevent ransomware in the first place!

MFA solutions that are obsolete or inadequate leave organizations just as vulnerable to ransomware and cyber attacks. Don’t put up with unsupported MFA solutions or live with a false sense of security. Modernize with SurePassID Universal MFA and lock down all of your apps and systems – on-prem, in air-gapped deployments, or utilizing operational technology on shop floors.

Multiple MFA solutions add costs and complexity that IT teams don’t need. Eliminate the budget pressures, system overlap, and blind spots associated with legacy MFA solutions. SurePassID Universal MFA can easily and cost-effectively secure your universe of apps, systems, and deployment environments.

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