SurePassID Universal MFA supports all open-standard authenticators:

  • Phishing-Resistant FIDO2 Security Keys
  • FIPS 140 Validated Tokens
  • OTP Keyfobs and Display Cards
  • Converged Credentials
  • Mobile Apps

Find the right authenticators for your budget and use cases through our network of partners.

Phishing-Resistant FIDO2 Security Keys

Yubikey Bio Series FIDO2 by Yubico
HyperFIDO Pro Series by Hypersecu
HyperFIDO Mini Series by Hypersecu
HID Crescendo Key Series by HID
Crescendo C2300 Card by HID

FIPS 140 Validated Tokens

Yubikey FIPS Series
by Yubico

OTP Keyfobs and Display Cards

Yubikey 5 Series
by Yubico
by HID
ActivID OTP Tokens
by HID
HyperOTP Series
by Hypersecu
ActivID DisplayCard
by HID
OTP Card Series
by SmartDisplayer

Converged Credentials

Crescendo C2300 Card by HID

Mobile Apps

Universal MFA App
by SurePassID
Authenticator App
by Microsoft
Authenticator App
by Google