SurePassID has been named an Enterprise Security Top 10 Multifactor Authentication Solution Provider for 2020.

“We’re thrilled to receive this validation of our Universal MFA platform,” said SurePassID Founder and CEO/CTO Mark Poidomani. “Organizations are struggling with work-from-home mandates, user endpoints they no longer control, and applications that have become deperimeterized. It’s important that they know a highly secure, highly extensible solution exists to quickly and easily address their use cases and compliance requirements.”

Daily reports of ransomware and data breaches highlight the need for multifactor authentication, which prevents 99.9% of cyber attacks as documented by Microsoft1 and Google2. SurePassID has been devoted to multifactor authentication since its founding in 2009, and its leadership team has a record of innovation that includes the world’s first cloud-based authentication server, one-time password display card, and converged credential for secure physical and logical access.

With its Universal MFA platform, SurePassID encompasses any deployment architecture: on-premises, cloud, hybrid, embedded systems, containers, and Internet of Things. That extensibility is critical for customers with complex IT infrastructures and the need to secure applications across the enterprise. Combined with open standards, administrative automation, frictionless authentication methods, and a wealth of additional security features, SurePassID avoids the tradeoffs typical of competing solutions.

“Not all MFA is created equal, and SurePassID’s recognition as a Top 10 solution provider shows that,” said Kevin Raineri, Vice President of Business Development. “For example, our platform is hardened with features that go above and beyond compliance with NIST 800-63, CMMC, and other cybersecurity regulations. Our aerospace and defense customers appreciate it the most, but all of our customers benefit from highly secure MFA.”

A digital edition of Enterprise Security Magazine is available online which includes an article that highlights the SurePassID solution. More information about SurePassID Universal MFA can be found on SurePassID’s website.

1Microsoft Security Blog, “One simple action you can take to prevent 99.9% of cyber attacks – use MFA,” August 20, 2019
2Google Security Blog, “New research: MFA prevented 100% of automated bot, bulk phishing, and targeted attacks,” May 17, 2019